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About Us

The tinitopper family is just that—we are a family run business that believe in “la dolce vita”, the sweet life. I first came up with the vision and idea while living in Hollywood, CA, working restaurants from Sunset Blvd to Downtown LA.  In my 25 years of working in the industry, one common theme with colleagues and staff was how to prevent spills and exceed guests’ expectations. When you are paying a premium for your drink, you should expect to receive a full glass and losing half of it as it’s being delivered from the bar to your table is not what you are expecting. Well, Hollywood brought me home to PA with the idea of a drink cover in mind and eager to make this vision a reality. One night while enjoying a few cocktails with family, I had mentioned my vision to my brother. At that point, the brain storming began.

My brother Paul and I, along with our wives Leah and Sue got to work on many different designs and prototypes to see how our vision of a drink topper can become a reality.  We worked with designers, artists, family and friends, and of course the restaurant industry folk and finally unveiled the patent approved, sleek and classy tinitopper!

 Our mission is to enhance your drinking experience whether at home, family gatherings, outdoor parties and anywhere you dine, while eliminating spills, keeping bugs out and MOST IMPORTANTLY keeping your drink safe from airborne contaminates.


Cheers to the Sweet Life!

tinitopper family

Francesco, Leah, Paul and Sue